Workplace Drug Testing

Drug testing in the workplace is becoming more common. Instant onsite drug testing complying to the NZ Standard AS/NZ 4308:2008. Workplace Safety Southland perform drug testing on urine as it has a longer detection time.

  • Pre employment
  • Random
  • Post incident
  • Reasonable cause
  • Rehabilitation
  • All services are delivered in a prompt friendly manner, with a competitive fee.

Being certified to the NZ standard- Workplace Safety Southland- is able to follow chain of custody procedures on samples if required for lab confirmation.

We offer a prompt and competitive fee for workplace drug testing. Please contact for more details. We are happy to talk to your staff. The drug screen we use is the Sure Step which complies to the NZ standard AS:NZS 4308:2008. This test screens for Amphetamine type substances, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Marijuana and Opiates.

Drug testing to national standard 4308:2008